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Jet was one of the first to be eaten.

Jet was one of the first to be eaten.


Pokemon: The City is at War

The Johto region has been under Rocket control for many years now. While Team Rocket has both Kanto and Johto in their grasp, Galactic has only Sinnoh and Team Magma and Aqua share the Hoenn region. When some old school heroes kick Rocket's butt out, Johto is at peace for years. But those heroes decide to leave their post, and Johto is up for grabs for anyone. Whoever gets control, will be at the top of the Pokemon mafia. Its an all out war from every team in the Pokemon world. Unique characters, violence, sabotage, humor, and mostly violence is ensured. FAIR WARNING: These Pokemon trainers have some foul mouths! This comic is not for the young'ins.



Remember that news post from (exactly) 2 years ago, about March Madness and how we were so pumped about it?

WELP, WE'RE PUMPED AGAIN~ However, because SJ isn't hosting a March Madness event this year, we've decided to do our own. PENCILING 31 PAGES IN 31 DAYS, HERE WE GO~

AND now just any old crappy pages, TWO YEARS OF IMPROVEMENT BETTER PAGES~ However, because these new pages are SO SUPERIOR, we are going to start from scratch and trash the ones we have now. NOT TO WORRY THOUGH, our characters & plot are the same- other then the art, the biggest difference is our starting point. WE'LL BE JUMPING INTO ALL KINDS OF ACTION RIGHT AWAY FOR YOU GUYS~

Kicking it off we have a NEW SPIFFY BANNER, and a slight title change (although, I'll admit, that's just to attract fans). In a few days, the old pages will be down and the new ones will be rolling in :D And after a longer, undetermined time, we should have a nice SEXY LAYOUT for the comic!

We thank all of you who stuck around (or simply forgot this was in your favorites and didn't delete us) and we LOVE YOU ALL! SO MUCH! We sincerely hope that you are excited about this revamp as we are :3 ~ <333 Fox and Kiwi

Posted by CannibalisticKiwi @ March 3rd, 2012, 1:57 pm
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So Kiwi and I (Fox) are crazy enough to partake in MARCH MADNESS!~

The goal of this is to complete 31 comic pages in the 31 days of March~

We'll be alternating between The City is at War and P.O.O.P. ---->

With both of us doing 31 pages each, we'll have 62 pages total in between our two comics~ :D

So look forward to a LOT of updating!~~~~


Posted by FabulousFox @ February 28th, 2010, 8:20 pm
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